They Will Run and Not Grow Weary: 52 Devotions to Lighten Your Running Load

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Are you a runner? Do you want to be? Are you running the race toward God’s high calling for you? This is the book for you.

There are plenty of devotional books available these days. No matter what your activity, there’s a devotional book for that. Many of these books are sweet, some are helpful, and some are fun, but few are both uplifting and challenging at the same time.

David Alan Black is a biblical scholar and serious theological thinker who also runs — on his own, 5k, half marathons, marathons, and ultramarathons. In this book he connects running with one’s spiritual journey. In these 52 devotionals, you’ll find some of that strength for your journey, drawn from scripture and the experience of running, as well as the broader experience of life as a teacher, missionary, and family man.

Whether you are just looking out your front door and thinking, “I should get more exercise” or are an experienced runner, this book will help you reach your next goal.


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