Creativity in Emotional Extremes

Creativity in Emotional Extremes

“Often our best creativity comes from the extreme emotions that we work so hard to avoid.” I believe it was legendary music producer Phil Spector that once said that there were only four songs we could ever write; I love you, I hate you, go away, or come back.  He wasn’t all that wrong.  Those…

Fourfold Gospel Hypothesis: A Call for Discussion

Fourfold Gospel Hypothesis: A Call for Discussion

I have a question for our authors and readers: Is the confidence in Markan priority, generally combined with acceptance of ‘Q’ as a source, justified? I’m not asking whether you think Markan priority is likely, but rather whether you think the level of confidence in it amongst biblical scholars is justified. David Alan Black has…

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Questioning God

Reviewed by Robert Danielson, Ph.D. Faculty Associate and Affiliate Faculty at Asbury Theological Seminary Wilmore, Kentucky Ant Greenham presents an intriguing analysis of the world’s monotheistic religions and their view of God, through the lens of how God is perceived to relate to the questions of human beings. Using broad strokes, he paints a generalized…


Missions – What about It?

(Today’s post is from Pastor D. Kevin Brown. Pastor Brown is author of the book Rite of Passage, forthcoming from Energion Publications. He blogs at, you guessed it,  D Kevin Brown’s Blog.) Last year in the association in which the church I pastor is a member, there was reported 200 people baptized with total receipts… eZine | Religion

Stewards of the Gospel

Ezekiel 37:1-37:14 March 13, 2005 A sermon presented by Dr. Bob McKibben at Pine Forest United Methodist Church About Dr. McKibben Guest Essay Index Adapted From: “More than Hatch, Match, and Dispatch” By: Rev. Joseph Smith, Takoma Park Baptist Church, November 2000 Scripture quotations are from the Revised Standard Version Many years ago, I did…