Tony Mitchell

Dr. Tony Mitchell has been a certified lay speaker in the United Methodist Church for twenty-two years. He holds a doctorate in science education with an emphasis on chemical education from the University of Iowa and has degrees from Truman State University (chemistry) and the University of Missouri (science education). He has taught high school chemistry and physics and college introductory chemistry courses for over thirty years.

He served as the registrar for the New York/Connecticut District Lay Speaking for five years and coordinator for the Lenten School for six years. He continues to assist in the Vespers in the Garden on Fridays and Sundays at Grace UMC is Newburgh, NY and with Grannie Annie’s Kitchen, the feeding ministry his wife operates on Saturday mornings at Grace from 8 to 10. When he is not chasing after his soon to be five year old grandson, George, Dr. Mitchell works on his blog, Thoughts From The Heart On The Left. In addition to his forthcoming book Creation: The Science he hopes to examine the history of chemistry and the intersection with faith through the lives of Robert Boyle, Joseph Priestley, and Isaac Newton.

Author web site: Thoughts from the Heart on the Left

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