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In Changing Times: A Guide for Reflection and Conversation



Author: Ron Higdon

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Being in ministry means dealing with change. In fact, living itself means dealing with change.

Church leadership, however organized, will have to deal with change. This book looks at the types of change that might occur in ministry and the difficulties involved and presents practical approaches to dealing with conflict and change in a postive, affirming, edifying way. Chapter titles such as “The Big Picture Provides Perspective,” “The Dangers of Listening for the Applause,” and “Major on Conversation, Candor, and Compassion” tell a story of practical experience applied to real-world situations.

Each chapter includes suggestions for activities and items for reflection. Dr Ronald Higdon, author of Surviving A Son’s Suicide, brings his five decades in ministry, including ten years of intentional interim ministry and ten years as an adjunct seminary professor, to extend his hands of encouragement and experience to other pastors. His is practical encouragement because he has lived what he teaches.

This book is suitable for individual study, small group study, and particularly colleague fellowship groups.

(This is volume 2 in the Guides to Practical Ministry series edited by a team from the Academy of Parish Clergy and published by Energion Publications.)


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