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Talking Politics with Jesus


A Process Perspective on the Sermon on the Mount


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What might Jesus say to you today about your political decisions? Would he care?’

With his gift for making Scripture and theology clear and very relevant, Dr. Bruce Epperly looks at the Sermon on the Mount and suggests to us what Jesus might be saying about our own politics and social ethics. Point by point he brings the topics Jesus covered home to a modern audience, especially in America.

With topics such as “all-embracing love,” intercessory prayer,” and “bringing the light,” almost anyone will find something here to think about. Perhaps God is asking something more of us in the social and political sphere than we might have imagined. Are we called to be Jesus in public forums and the halls of government?

The book closes with a series of conversation starters, several for each chapter, which makes this an ideal book for a small group study. It can also be read individually, and will perhaps give you both the impetus and some of the ideas that will help you change our world.

A conversation hosted by Rev. Steve Kindle with Rev. Janice Springer and Dr. Bruce Epperly

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ISBN: 978-1-63199-808-9
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